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Charlotte, North Carolina is the largest city in the state of North Carolina.  According to the US Census Bureau in 2010 the population of Charlotte was 731,424, making it the 17th largest city in the United Stated based on population.  The metropolitan area surrounding Charlotte has an approximate population of 1,745,524.  Charlotte is now the second largest banking center in the United States.  Visitors come to Charlotte from all over the United States.  It is estimated that more than a half-million people visit the city each year.  The attractions that bring the tourists are numerous.  Also in the City is the Bank of America Stadium, home the Carolina Panthers, professional football team.  The stadium alone holds 73,778 people.  The Verizon WirelessAmphitheatre in Charlotteholds 18,741.  The Amphitheatre hosts some of the hottest names in music.  While we are on the subject of attractions, let’s not forget the Charlotte Motor Speedway.  The Speedway has 167,000 seats and capacity for nearly 50,000 more spectators in the infield area.No matter how you look at it, Charlotte is a busy city with lots of tourists and a very large permanent population. 

As with any city of this size there is a lot traffic congestion.    People sitting in traffic are generally bored out of their gourds.  A great way to get their attention is to advertise using an aerial advertisement.  By circling over the busiest part of the congested area, or sporting event, over and over. Curiosity turns the heads of almost all travelers and because they don’t see the same sign every day it doesn’t become part of the scenery. The signs can be stored and used over and over. The greatest part of your advertising is seen by a vast number of potential customers, which in turn increases your revenues.  Don’t miss out on a relatively inexpensive way to advertise.

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