Aerial Billboards

At Barnstormers we can design your aerial billboard and fly over your targeted markets. These messages grab attention without distractions.  A roadside billboard is stationary and waiting for people to come by and see it. All the while these prospective consumers are driving or riding and dealing with traffic and of course seeing other stationary billboards. It can all get a bit confusing after a while.  However, aerial banners work just the opposite.  They target stationary people while they are flying around them. Often times the people they are targeting are not only stationary but are relaxed and enjoying themselves and their family at a beach or sporting event. It is conceivable that more than 100,000 people will see an aerial advertisement with a matter of minutes.  How long would it take for 100,000 people to see a stationary billboard?


Barnstormers is able to handle any size advertising needed, whether its for a national campaign or a smaller market.  We can assist you every step of they way and can even help you in deciding which site will target the most and best audience.  It is proven that 88% of people remember seeing a banner plane 30 minutes after they pass, 79% remember the product or service, and an astounding 67% remember one half or more of the banner.  With all of these facts it should be an easy decision to chose an advertising media that is proven to work.


Myrtle Beach Aerial Advertising

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