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New Year's Eve in Atlanta means welcoming new possibilities in whatever fashion you may choose. Whether it's with a top college football match up, an evening of fine music or an all-out party, Atlanta is the place to be this year, and every year, as we celebrate another 365 days together.

Plan your getaway to Atlanta for the holidays! Explore more  Atlanta holiday fun and entertainment taking place throughout the season and find great deals on hotel packages from Stone Mountain and Buckhead, as well as discounts on tickets to some of Atlanta’s most popular attractions. 




Chick-fil-A Bowl
The Chick-fil-A Bowl, one of the biggest college sporting events of the year, has featured top college programs like Georgia, Florida State, and LSU, in addition to future NFL stars such as Jim Kelly, Hines Ward and Cam Newton. The Chick-fil-A Bowl was chosen as a semifinal bowl for the College Football Playoff and will host its first semifinal game in 2016.



Atlanta Symphony Orchestra 
The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra helps lower the curtain on the year with a surprising and thoroughly enjoyable night. Take in a night of great American standards while looking forward to the great friends and memories to be made in the year to come.

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