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Again, you might think it is too early to think about your advertising for the Atlantic Beach Bike Week but only those that get their ads in early will be able to book a banner plane....remember the "early bird gets the worm..."


For over twenty-five years Atlantic Beach has been host to the Atlantic Beach Bike Festival or Black Bike Week. Every Memorial Day Weekend, May 24-27,  hundreds of thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts’ travel to the Grand Strand of South Carolina. This is the largest Black Bike Festival there is.  The festival inside Atlantic Beach can be described as a Bike Week / Family Affair, with people of all ages coming to walk the streets of the town, admire each other’s motorcycles, eat at vendors’ booths and spend money on souvenirs.


 If you love bikes and the people who ride them, you cannot miss this event. The event includes parties, concerts, pool parties, contests, and countless fine tuned and exquisitely painted bikes.  Although some consider Black Bike week as a predominately African-American festival it is a celebration for the enjoyment of motorcycles for anyone.  It's attended by all ethnicities who love and ride motorcycles. Atlantic Beach residents look forward to the festival in their town.


The Festival or Black Bike Week as it is commonly called draws bikers from all over the world. What could be better than enjoying your Memorial Weekend at the beach? Well, try spending your weekend with over 200,000 bikers, and just people who want to party hard all weekend long at one of the biggest bike festivals in the country! Black Bike Week is to sport bike riders what Bike Week is to Harley riders.


This is the perfect opportunity for aerial advertising.  Did you ever wonder why aerial advertising works so well? Studies by advertisers have shown that mobile billboards carried by aircraft have a high consumer recall and retention rate— in other words, customers who see the ads tend to recall the messages or products being displayed at a higher rate than with most other forms of advertising. Seldom if ever will you get the chance to advertise to this many people at one time.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.



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