Clemson Tigers

Atlanta is going to have a very busy Labor Day Weekend.  Not only will Nascar be in town for three days but the Clemson Tigers will play their opening football game in the Georgia Dome.  Clemson will meet Auburn University on September 1.  The Nascar festivities will attract over 200,000 fan and Clemson will attract another 80,000 fans.  What an ideal opportunity to take advantage of this advertising paragon.  It will be hard to match this level of opportunity. 

There will be almost 300,000 people just waiting to spend some of their hard earned cash...and why not present the idea to spend it on your business.  How many radio ads would you have to do to reach this number of people? Where else can you market your company and brand to this number of people in one weekend. This is the ideal place to hire a banner plane because anyone that been to a race or a game knows that not only are the venues full but also the slow moving traffic coming in and around them leaves idol time to glance into the sky.The message can be flown over a crowd as many times as requested by the client. It is virtually impossible not to notice this form of advertising and the banner can be saved to be used over and over again. Nowhere else can you reach this number of people so quickly and at a reasonably inexpensive price. Call Barnstormers and get a quote for an ad geared just toward your business needs.

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