Darlington Raceway Aerial Advertising

"The Lady in Black" or Darlington Raceway was built in 1949 and is known as NASCAR's original super speedway. Today Darlington Raceway is known as the track "Too Tough to Tame" andis still remembered as the original superspeedway and as one of the pillars of the NASCAR establishment. There is no other sporting facility in the world more steeped in history and tradition than Darlington Raceway, which has aged gracefully over the years but retains its feisty charm.  This year the events begin with the Nationwide Race on May 11, 2102.  On May 12, 2012, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series returns to Darlington Raceway for its legendary Mother’s Day weekend for the 2012 Bojangles' Southern 500.  The raceway has seating for more than 60,000 fansso you can imagine looking up and seeing your logo or advertisement in the sky behind one of our banner planes?  How many radio ads would you have to do to reach this number of people?  This is the ideal place to advertise because anyone that has been to an event of this size knows that not only are all of the seats  filled but also the slow moving traffic coming in and around the stadium leaves idol time to glance into the sky.  The message can be flown over a crowd as many times as requested by the client.  It is virtually impossible not to notice this form of advertising and the banner can be saved to be used over and over again.  Nowhere else can you reach this number of people so quickly and at a relatively inexpensive price.




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