Hilton Head Aerial Advertising

Hilton Head, South Carolina is the second largest barrier island on the Eastern Seaboard.   This dazzling resort destination has world-class golf, award-winning dining, superior shopping and endless recreational indulgences for lovers of land and sea, another words it has it all. The island features beautiful white sandy beaches that are warmed by the Gulf Stream. What really makes this island shine is the southern hospitality.

There are several points of historical interest in Hilton Head. The island consists of several antebellum plantations, most of which are now resort communities. Hilton Head was one of the first ecologically-planned cities. The island strives to maintain its natural feel, blending the structures into the native ecology as much as possible.

Annually Hilton Head has over 2.5 million visitors.  It is one of the great tourist magnets on the eastern United States. How can you take advantage of Hilton Head tourism and locals to boost sales in your business? If you choose radio ads you should ask yourself this question, how many ads would you have to run to reach 2.5 million people?  Obviously this is not the way to go. So what is the answer to get your word out?  Aerial Advertising is the best deal for you bucks. This is the ideal place to advertise because anyone that has been to a beach knows that not only is the beach full but almost everyone the beach will stop and glance in the sky when a plane comes by. The message can be flown over the beach as many times as requested by the client.  It is virtually impossible not to notice this form of advertising and the banner can be saved to be used over and over again.  Nowhere else can you reach this number of people so quickly and at a reasonably inexpensive price.

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