Washington DC Aerial Advertising Cherry Blossom Festival

Take a break from lamenting the lack of snowfall to consider a more dependable seasonal occurrence. Details are emerging for the 2013 Cherry Blossom Festival, and the celebration of spring — not to mention Japanese art and culture — will last from March 20 through April 14.

So far, dates have been set for the Pink Tie fundraiser party (March 20, $200), the Cherry Blast art party (April 5, $10) and the always jam-packed Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival (April 13, still $5). As for the free family-friendly events, the Southwest Fireworks Festival is scheduled for April 7 and the parade traverses the city on April 13.

The annual Kite Festival will brighten up the sky around the Washington Monument on March 30. Although that, like the snow, will require a little help from Mother Nature.

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